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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Is your service free?

Our service of negotiating the best room block rate and concessions for your event at a hotel, resort, or on a cruise is completely free. Additionally, as part of our complimentary service is the negotiation of the terms of the agreement between you and the hotel, resort, or cruise line and we further manage the room block.

How can you help my group?

Our expertise, experience, relationship with hotels, resorts, and cruise lines, and our purchasing volume enables us to negotiate great rates and agreement terms for your group. We are also virtually with your group every step of the way including managing the room block.

Why do I need to use your service?

Agreement terms are confusing and have resulted in substantial penalties for event leaders including Brides and Grooms. Our goal is to minimize and possibly even eliminate the risk, while making the process a stress free experience for you. We work with groups throughout the year and have relationships with thousands of hotels, resorts and cruise ships. Therefore, our expertise and relationships enable us to obtain great rates and agreement terms, all without a service fee.

How does The Guest Planners enhance my Guests’ Experience?

The Guest Planners believes that your Guests should have a great time not only at your event, but throughout their travels. In addition to providing the best room block rate and contract and managing the “pickup,” our team, in select cities, offers excursions, transfers, car rentals, flights, welcome hospitality desks, and concierge services. Regardless as to your event’s location, as part of our complimentary service, The Guest Planners Team is available to accommodate requests from Guests traveling to your event.

How long have you been in business?

The Guest Planners was established in 2007. We are proud members of the Better Business Bureau where we have a rating of “A+” and we are nationally accredited by IATA. We are also affiliated with and we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Do you have any affiliations and accreditations?

The Guest Planners is proud members of the Better Business Bureau where we have a rating of “A+” and zero complaints. We are nationally accredited by IATA, we are affiliated with, and we are members of DWHSA (Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialists Association). For the further benefit of our valued clients, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Is there a way to have a “Virtual Tour” of a resort?

Absolutely! We are happy to take you on a “Virtual Tour” of a resort. Let us know of a date and time which is best for you.

Is there a way to go on board a cruise ship for a day to see the venues?

Absolutely! The Guest Planners will be happy to provide you a tour of cruise ships while docked in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando (Port Canaveral). For other ports, based on your event, we will be happy to meet you and provide an informative tour of the ship.

Service Questions

How are you different from the competition?

Whereas most companies automate the process, we are very “hands on” and intimate with each group in which we are honored to work with. We build long lasting relationships with each group and strive to make certain that your Guests have a great experience. With The Guest Planners, you will be assigned an experienced team member who will talk with you and guide you throughout the process. We are also with you every step of the way, from selecting the resort(s), hotel(s), or cruise ship, to negotiating the rate and concessions, to managing the room block. Additionally, should your Guests need to contact us before, during, or even after their travels, we will be happy to answer questions and provide assistance.

What is meant by “PEACE OF MIND?”

PEACE OF MIND is our assurance to you that we will treat you and your Guests like we would want our own family to be treated. You will be assigned an experience member of The Guest Planners Team that will be with you throughout the process to help reduce and hopefully eliminate your risk and stress. Additionally, because we are intimate with your group, your Guests receive PEACE OF MIND knowing that they can contact The Guest Planners before, during, or even after their travels if they have questions or requests. After all, at The Guest Planners, our slogan is “BECAUSE YOUR GUESTS DESERVE THE BEST.”

Can you travel with our group?

We travel with many groups to further enhance the experience for you and your Guests and to manage and help implement the details. If we do travel with your group, you will be assigned an event planner of The Guest Planners who will also be with you every step of the way, including at the destination for your event. This experienced event planner will be your primary contact and become intimate with your event along with helping to plan group activities. At the destination, the same event planner whom you have been working with at The Guest Planners will be there to help implement the group activities as planned in addition to hosting a hospitality desk and providing exclusive concierge service and customer service to your Guests.

Do you provide rental cars, flights, and other services?

Yes! Through our relationship with national brands of car rental agencies, airlines, and coach companies, we offer comprehensive travel services for you and your Guests.

Which cities do you provide excursions?

The Guest Planners offers excursions throughout South Florida. Additionally, if The Guest Planners were to travel with your group, we have the ability to plan and implement excursions regardless of your destination.

Making reservations

How do my Guests make reservations?

Making a reservation is simple. The Guest Planners creates a customized webpage for each group and provides details on the accommodations. You simply provide your Guests the link to this webpage or your Guests can go to and enter your group’s name. Once on the custom webpage, Guests can select the hotel or cruise cabin and make a reservation.

Who pays for the hotel rooms or cruise cabin?

Each group has three options:

1) have each individual Guest pay for their own accommodations

2) the event leader pays for some of the accommodations

3) the event leader pays for all of the accommodations

We work with you based on your requirements.

Can my Guests contact The Guest Planners for assistance?

Absolutely! Should your guests need assistance in making a reservation, they can simply contact us at (844)23-GUEST and our experienced team will be happy to help.

Hotel, Resort and Cruise Questions

Do you help me select the hotel, resort or cruise?

Absolutely! We listen to your vision and get to know you and the needs of your group. We also ask important questions such as if there will be children attending your destination wedding, the location in which your Guests will be traveling from, and for corporate events, if conference space is required. Your vision along with the answers to the important questions will enable us to suggest spectacular resorts for your event.

I am getting married at my local country club and need a room block for my out of town Guests. Can you help?

We will be honored to help. This is one of the specialties of The Guest Planners. We have relationships with 40,000 hotels. So regardless as to where your wedding is, we are able to negotiate the best rates, agreement terms, and concessions, all free of charge to you.

Which “destination” resorts do you work with?

We have relationships with approximately 500 resorts throughout North America, the Caribbean, Mexico, the Bahamas, and Central America. Regardless as to your vision and budget, we know there is a resort which is perfect for your event.

What is meant by an “all-inclusive” resort?

The term “all-inclusive” typically refers to your meals, beverages, land sports and activities, and non motorized water sports being included in the nightly rate. However, not all “all-inclusive” resorts are created equally. For example, some “all-inclusive” resorts include motorized watersports, some have 3 restaurants while others have more than 20 restaurants, and some have a fully stocked minibar in your room. The Guest Planners experienced team member with whom you will work with, will provide guidance on the differences between the resorts.

Are all resorts “all-inclusive”?

No! We have relationships with several four and five star hotels such as Marriott and Ritz-Carlton which are not “all-inclusive.”

Which cruise lines do you work with?

The Guest Planners has relationships with 15 different cruise lines, providing us direct contact with key management personnel along with excellent rates and benefits that we are able to offer our clients. From mainstream mega ships such as Royal Caribbean’s new Harmony of the Seas or Norwegian Cruise Line’s Getaway to intimate ships such as the Crystal Symphony, there are 162 cruise ships that we work with. Your key contact at The Guest Planners will suggest cruise ships to you based on your vision.

What is a “complimentary” room block?

The Guest Planners negotiates a complimentary room block which typically provides the event planner 20 rooms at a set rate. After these 20 rooms are utilized, The Guest Planners will do our best to increase the number of rooms in the block while maintaining the same rate. Because of our relationship with hotels, we are usually able to extend the block. However, that is not guaranteed. So while a “complimentary” room block eliminates risk, there is the possibility that the hotel will not add rooms to the room block at the same rate. The Guest Planners experienced team member who works with you will help you throughout the process.

What is a “guarantee” room block?

Guarantee room blocks require the event leader to be financially responsible for rooms which are not “picked up” as part of the room block, also known as attrition. However, hotels will allocate a number of rooms at a guaranteed rate. The Guest Planners has tremendous experience in negotiating an agreement which will help minimize the risk. While there are risks involved, a “guarantee” room block offers a set number of rooms at a guaranteed rate.